Multimedia Fun

Singing Horses (flash) - good!

Animator vs Animation (flash) - excellent!

9 Coronas (flash)

Psychic Number chooser (Java2)

Trippy movie (flash)

Interactive do-it-yourself fireworks display. (Java2)

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Stupid Pictures

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

You win some; you loose some

In case you ever thought about kilts, and what is underneath them... (the man seated next to the queen is priceless)

Rediculous, but mostly real, photographs.

Pictures which make you say WTH!!

A few silly comics from Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, and Mother Goose and Grim.

Dilbert on finance and investing

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Ways to Annoy Your Public Bathroom Stall-Mate

Great Truths

Things to be learned from children.

Statements made to the insurance company after a car accident.

The Donkey Story

A professor from Berkeley, MIT, and the University of Chicago, are involved in a plane crash... click


There are only 10 kinds of people.
Those who understand binary and those who don't.

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Streaming Video

Best Commercial EVER

A Conversation with President Bush

Wedding Bliss

Behind the scenes at Verizon

Sleazy Microsoft commercial

Weird Al, Living with a hernia

My favorite cartoon (divx)

A Bad Day

Romance, a man's way.


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Political Humor

Barstool Economics

I Love Retirement

The Race

OBama, Clinton, McCain and an Airplane

Sex in the Shower

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A Haiku

I wandered into
a cold barren place with no
toilet paper damn

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Useless Babble

Advice, like youth, is just waisted on the young
by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune.
{A great speech about the future} GO HERE

Michael Jordan vs Bill Gates. Here.

Most rediculous patent ever: teasing a cat with a laser pointer.

The Lascivious Ball at the University of Chicago.

A Philosophy of life put into a cartoon.

Blood doesn't make family, it only leaves a DNA trail back to the scene.

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