Stuff which doesn't fit elsewhere

Research paper by Dr Parviz Amid at the Lichtenstein Institute about 3X neurectomy for chronic post-herniopathy pain syndrom. download

Clinical trials by the dept of Neurology in Munich on the effectiveness of Petadolex in migraine prophylaxis.

Very simple pressure relief valve in the forward bulkhead of a rocket motor. Prevents over-pressurization and saves hardware.

Composition of road flares.

Detachable rail launcher for a rocket.

When the space shuttle Columbia broke apart, the ion trail in the upper atmosphere was captured by a weather satellite. Here.

Simple, cheap analog timer circuit for use in rocket parachute deployment

Ballistic Simulator: a Java applet which determines the pressure, thrust, C*, and other parameters inside a burning solid rocket motor.
(requires Sun's Java2 plugin)

BIG Rockets.

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