Repeat of flight size motor.


What to do when spring weather appears.... fire a rocket motor of course!
This is just a repeat of the static test of the flight configuration motor.

  • Stats:
  • Result: 9.3 Second M-625


    A few tweaks were made to the ignition process, but they were minor.

    The aluminum foil on the nylon fill line was replaced with a fireproof sleeve from McMaster. (part #8819K44) Second, the nylon loops on the outter injector ring were shortened from a 2ft 'U' to 2in plugged stubs.

    Test Stand Video

    Love that alternate camera view!!

    Test Stand Data - M-625, 9.3 Second

    I believe the dual plateau thrust curve is due to burning white PVC during the first half and the burn, and gray PVC in the second half. I think I prefer the higher regression rates so I may try to find a supply for gray 2" pipe.