Static test of N2O liquid / solid hybrid rocket motor.

There data below were taken from a static test of a N2O/PVC hybrid rocket motor.


  • Try to resolve chronic leaking of N2O from the high pressure lines and fittings
  • Re-run December's test
  • Stats:

  • Results

    After experimenting with several different methods to stop the fittings from leaking - PTFE tapes, thread profiles, etc - an oxygen safe thread sealing compound from Fluoramics ( seemed to work the best. In addition to the thread sealant, an O-Ring was added between the tank and injector. I didn't see obvious leakage after filling and purging the motor a couple of times.

    The static test was a repeat of December's test with a smaller nozzle and a repaired load cell electrical connector.

  • 8.2 second burn
  • Peak thrust 161 lbf
  • Total thrust 925 lbf
  • L-500 motor
  • The results seem to correlate reasonably well with expectations.

    Test Stand Video - HD Camera

    (Notice the layer of ice on the outside of the oxidizer tank)

    Test Stand Video - Camera #2

    Test Stand Data


    Currently a 1/4" to 1/2" slice of APCP is used as a pre-heater and main motor ignitor.

    Since the eMatch is no longer glued to the APCP slug, the outright failures to light have stopped. (very bizare) NOT gluing the APCP slug into the PVC grain, but instead taping the APCP slug to the Nylon fill tube, seems to have helped a little as well.

    Ignition is still wimpy and unreliable.